Fiksson Maria started her fashion blog in 2010 to impress her visual aesthetic of tenderness, femininity and inspiration. In 2012 she founded own brand of clothing, reflected her personal style. Since that time she fully involved in the process of fashion design and collection production. Over the years Fiksson Maria become a well known and loved clothing designer famous by her love to oversize and modern outwear. It's proved by publications in Harpers Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Cosmpopolitan, RBK and other main editorials. Fiksson Maria dialy creates inspiring content for people who interested in beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

She motivates to be true, creative, energetic and sel-motivated person to achive love and balance.


Clothes for creative women

I know how difficult it is to be independent, tender, fragile and loved at the same time. Unusual

colors and images "as if from a man's shoulder" reveal each of these states. Be loved and independent, gentle and strong at the same time. Express yourself in Private Sun. Be creative, travel, and always choose love.

The feminine, the sun and the stars.

The story of the brand is described in the book "Go with love”. It means that the inner sun and the infinite universe are already in each of us. Discover yourself!

Classic modern coat and feminine oversize.

Created for love and warmth.

Fiksson Maria


For a couple of weeks I have been making selfies in front of the mirror before

going out. I have collected the file with casual looks. I wanted to know what my style was. Basics of my wardrobe are Fikkson (a camel-colored Soho coat), puffers (pink, beige and black ones) and Private Sun dresses. Starry print, fringe and knitwear – I like the feeling of festivity every day. I find the clothes I don't make myself in H&M, Celine, Chanel, YSL, &Other Stories and COS. I have plenty of bags, mostly classic models of unusual colors. I've recently started wearing jewelry

such as voluminous earrings and playful bijoux.

Although, I am trained as a financial expert and, for that matter, I was going to become a lecturer of the accounting. I started sewing and knitting when I was a child. My first “pieces of work” were made on a century-old Zinger sewing machine encrusted with mother-of-pearls. I made dresses for dolls out of calico cloths on the second floor of my Granny's summer house. By the way, the first item of my brand was the wedding dress made of the curtain and awarded by a publishing in Wedding. My first collections were cut out on the floor of my apartment with Gamma golden scissors.

The idea of the brand came to me in Paris (January 2012) when Moscow still didn't have any showrooms. “Something pretty” was my mantra when I found Private Sun and Fiksson.

I like saving luscious images “from Internet” and writing in my blog about my inspirations: my brand, beauty, clothes, shoes, food and emotions. I've admired clothes, jewelry and makeup since I was a child and I used to think that the miracle in the life is that you may invent something and eventually make it. My favourite part of the work is to remember the idea while I am holding the result in my hand.

When I make things I trust only my taste or my feelings, to be more precise. Everything starts with the color and cloths and then I come to the technical drawing. Oversized items ideally keep their shapes and create the special mood for a woman. All signature models of the brand were invented by me while I was looking for my personal style. I cannot imagine my wardrobe without the New York coat with open elbows, the Tom Boy jacket coat or the Eskimo-style puffer. It is important for me to make non-standard items for the basic wardrobe.

My book “Choose Love” tells about creation of the brand. I had a lot of names for it. They tried to persuade me to choose a more “business-like” name but my brand is about “everything that she makes is made with love by her” that's why the name is the life mantra I want to share with you.

Always choose love!

Maria Fiksson